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Love at First Sight and the Interesting Things

"It was love at first sight" and "I knew the minute I saw her!" are common phrases we hear in the adoption world. The cats that go home quickly are usually the ones that make eye contact with potential adopters and walk towards them. Admittedly, I can understand why some sort of interaction is preferable when you are looking for your next companion. That's exactly how I picked my own cat years ago. Once I began working in an animal shelter, I began to see homeless cats from a new perspective.

I met Harriet my first day at my new job. She was huddled in her box, scared and striking out at anything that came near her. No one could pet her with a pole, literally. I had seen cats like her before in the previous shelter; I had helped over 40 of them overcome their defensive fears and go on to find loving homes. So when I first saw Harriet, I didn't see an angry cat at all. I saw a terrified cat. Harriet saw nothing at all.

Being in a shelter is scary enough, bei…
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My soul mate turns nineteen today. I met her in a small, dirty, smelly animal shelter and knew instantaneously I needed her in my life. I was turning 20 and this tiny four and a half week old kitten seemed like she was meant to be. 

I must have taken 20 rolls of photographs of my new baby. I hated leaving her to go to work or school and I poured my love in to her. At twenty years old, she was my first true love. Now, half my life later she is still the love of my life. 

I am starting this blog to share the stories of a few of the cats that come into my care, whether for a lifetime or just briefly. Every cat is an individual and I hope their stories inspire you.